Planning My First Place – The Living Room

Remember that one time I did a blog post on planning my first place in hopes that my field-of-dreams-if-you-build-it-he-will-come effort would create miraculous results and get me into my very first place. Well, it didn’t happen – not yet anyway. Perhaps I was planning my independence a bit prematurely.

While my parents are pretty cool and super generous, there are still days I envy the girls who can have their bf over without their ten year old nephew creepin’ outside the bedroom door. That’s awkward! Maybe the trick is that one post is not enough. The good news: I have literally had this nonexistent place planned in my head for years. So lets plan my future living room and see what happens, shall we?





Must haves for the living room:

+ brown leather or light gray sofa

+ vintage rug(s)

+ mid-century or similar sideboard console

+ rustic wood table

+ interesting magazine storage

+ leaning artwork

+ gold or brass accents


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Glowing Skin


If I was a magical fairy, I would hand out plump, glowing skin to all. “YOU get glowing skin, and YOU get glowing skin, and YOU get glowing skin.” That would be so cool, amiright? Until that day comes (don’t hold your breath, guys), we’re just going to have go about it the regular, human way. I don’t claim to have the answer to getting lit-from-within skin. I’m still on the quest for that one, but I’ve done a little (read: crapton) research on the subject. Want to know what I’ve found?

Sweat it out: That’s gross, I know. But my boss, who is in her fifties, does Bikram yoga and her glow is way better than mine. Body and skin benefits? it’s win-win, really.

Relax: I have generalized anxiety disorder so you can imagine my struggle with this one. But when I can chill, my skin really is less red and inflamed. If you can meditate, that’s probably not a bad idea either.

Hydrate: Water, and lots of it! I try to drink half my body weight in ounces. Not sure if that’s legit advice or where it comes from, but it sounded good. There’s also the trusty eight glasses a day rule. Bottom line, if you’re bathroom breaks aren’t interfering with life, it’s time to drink more water.

Eat Your Greens: And antioxidants. Try adding Lemons, dark leafy greens and turmeric to your diet… actually,  just do yourself a favor and Google anti-inflammation diet. While you’re at it, you may want to Google alkaline diet, too.

Skincare: Antioxidants, specifically vitamin c, are needed to produce collagen. Basically just make sure you’re covered by putting them in and on your body! My absolute favorite for the face is Yuli’s Liquid Courage. It’s total skin magic. For the body, you will not be disappointed in the One Love Organics Antioxidant serum, promise! You’re also going to want to get rid of that dead skin hanging around on your pretty face. Retinols and glycolic acids will take care of that. I’ve yet to find a retinol that my skin can handle, but next up on my to-try list is Shani Darden’s Retinol Reform. Fingers crossed this is the one. The glycolic acid I’ve been using is the 5% Glycolic Toner by Sanitas. It’s gonna burn at first, but don’t panic. It’s just doing it’s thang. Dehydrated skin is not glowing skin, but you probably know that. Look for a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid like Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer. Finally, SPF… Just never leave the house without sunscreen on, like ever. After trying a million of them, Coola is the only one I have repurchased.

Highlight: So I want my skin to be plump and glowy all day, every day, IRL… without makeup. But a little illuminator never hurt anyone. If you have to go this route, RMS Living Luminizer is literally perfect.


All images via Glossier


Disclaimer: Since this is my first nutrition/beauty post, it’s only fair to let y’all know that I am not a doctor, dietician or esthetician. Basically, I’m not qualified in any way to be giving this advice. So, definitely talk to a real-life professional before changing stuff up, ok!

Planning My First Place – Entry & Other Hallways

How old is too old to live with your parents? By the time you graduate from college? Or get your first grown-up job? Oops, it’s too late for me either way. Yep. That’s right. I still sleep in the room I’ve lived in for the last 21 years. I know!

There are reasons I haven’t made the move yet, but that’s a story for another day. In a sort of if-you-build-it-he-will-come effort I’ve decided to plan my escape move. When you put out positive vibes, you get them back, right? So I’m planning my first place right here on the internet. That will definitely make it reality. But like, how much longer will I be waiting. Still unclear.

I’ve never planned or decorated a house, but I feel like I should start at the front. So, here is my plan for the entry hall. Or do you say foyer?

foyer-08 (1) doublephoto IMG_4426 efede8444112fb55-76b3adbbd49ba7c5-ScreenShot2014-11-04at104810AM (1) Amber-Interiors-Client-Freakin-Fabulous-Neustadt-5 (1) 6a3c97a2ea2e526d-Techne_Pd0612 (1)


Must haves for the entry hall:

+ vintage rug

+ rustic bench or mid-century console

+ mirror, preferably round and massive in size

+ brass hooks

+ art to lean or hang in a very straight, ocd row


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